About JobsinRigs.com

For Jobseekers

If you are a Truck Driver looking for opportunity, then you've come to the right place. JobsinRigs.com specializes in working with Trucking Companies that have a fleet size of between 2 & 400 Trucks. All of the employers we work with have one thing in common: They need to hire right now and offer excellent opportunities! Chances are if you have come to JobsinRigs.com you have either been invited, referred or saw a specific place where we have listed our openings. We invite you to navigate the open opportunities we have listed and feel free to submit your applications through our simple application interface. Please be sure to check back frequently as our jobs are constantly being updated.

For Employers

JobsinRigs.com is not your traditional job board. JobsinRigs.com is an exclusive and VERY POWERFUL job board powered by ClassATransport.com which has been providing Driver recruiting solutions since 2004. JobsinRigs.com works a bit differently than the traditional job board. We develop and create highly effective campaigns for our employers on an exclusive and local basis that work, plain and simple! We have developed the ultimate marketing platform for sourcing and delivering qualified Class A Drivers! Our goal is and always has been to match employers with qualified talent in record time through our online campaigns.

In order for employers to tap into the hiring power of JobsinRigs.com, they must enroll in one of our
campaign programs. Instead of waiting for prospective candidates to come to our employers, we proactively go out and find them using a growing arsenal of marketing mediums which includes emails, job boards, referrals, feed distribution, social networking and more. Our platform is a very specialized proprietary marketing technology that delivers results.

Why is this different?

ClassATransport.com through JobsinRigs.com creates targeted marketing campaigns that focus on each employer individually. Our objective is to deliver fresh applications and resumes on an ongoing and consistent basis. We focus on helping our employers reduce their time to fill cycle and give them the greatest applicant to hire percentages anywhere! Our geo-targeting approach and digital marketing platform has made our program a huge success in the industry! We have been able to deliver quality applications to 100% of our clients.

To learn more about our service, we invite you to navigate over to: https://www.classatransport.com.